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Icon Design Company That You Can Rely On

Web icons are small in size yet powerful for attracting an audience. Your business needs a professional custom icon design to turn your customers into visitors. As an award-winning Icon design company in the US, we have professional designers that help brands attract more audiences by designing aesthetic and eye-catchy icons. We understand the representation of your brand and design according to that. It could be symbolic, graphic design, line work, or illustrated; we provide creativity for these styles in one place.

  • Custom icon design
  • Go well with interface design
  • Follow Latest trends
  • Well-matched color combination

Icon Designers That Create Aesthetic For You

We ensure that our design works are created with a whole process to make the best icon designs with clarity, consistency, scalable, ease to use, and readability.

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Research and consultation

First, we discuss your needs: what products and services your business provides? What is your website for? Once we have all the necessary information about your business, we will search for your competitors and market to develop the best visual interpretation.

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Design Options

After having all the insights needed, our professional icon designers will start making design options using different visuals and colors. After making different designs, we will provide you set of icons so you can choose the best for your business.

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Final Delivery

After your approval, we will start working on designing the final design. Considering your feedback, we’ll do slight touch-ups to make the perfect icons and deliver the most optimal solution to improve your user experience and conversion rate.

Tools and technologies used to bring the best outcomes.

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We give wings to your idea.

Showcasing a diverse array of imaginative projects that push the boundaries of design.

Icon styles and designs

We have proficiency and expertise in designing different styles of icons like hand-drawn, glyph, colored and flat, outlined, and many more. Understanding the specifications of each platform, like websites, applications, marketing design, and more, we design attractive icons. Maintaining consistency across the whole icon set is the crucial part in which our designers are experts.
There are several types of icon styles, and at Designers Stack, we hold expertise in all:

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White Icons

Outline icon style

Outline icons are trendy in web design and in branding, and we hold expertise in designing the most eye-catching outline icon design.

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Creative Icon Design Services

Glyph icon style

Glyph icons are typically created using minimalistic shapes and lines. We are best at making a Glyph icon style by using the best combination of elements.

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Color Icons Style

Colored icon style

It is a modern, eye-catching approach that adds a pop color to interfaces in which we have the expertise for making the best and most attractive colored icons.

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Flat icon style

Flat icons are often used in modern user interfaces, mobile apps, and websites to create an uncluttered and minimalist look.

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Doodle Icon Style

Doodle icon style

We have expertise in creating a doodle icon style characterized by a playful and hand-drawn look. It is ideal for casual and creative contexts.

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Badge Icons

Badge icon style

Badges are an increasingly popular design method among businesses and other organizations. We are experts in creating the best attractive badge icon designs.

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Scenic Icons

Scenic icon style

A Scenic Icon is a great way to convey a feeling of movement and space, which makes it ideal for use in icons. Our designers are aware of designing the best scenic icons

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Long Shadow Icons

Long shadow icon style

We have expertise in designing long shadow icon style, a type of icon design that uses small line-like shadows to give a three-dimensional appearance to the icon

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Two Tone Icons

Two-Tone icon style

We have professional designers to create such icons. In this style, two colors used in this style are typically light and dark shades to create a distinctive and recognizable visual presentation

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Material Icon Style

Material icon style

It is based on a simple geometric shape and limited color palette to create consistent and recognizable visual icons across all platforms. We can make the best icons for you to attract users. 

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Light Shadow Icon Style

Light and Shadow icon style

The light and shadow style is used in interface design and is considered a way of creating visually appealing and recognizable icons for which we have expert designers. 

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Dotted Icon Style

Dotted icon style

The dots icon style can be arranged in various patterns to create different levels of detail with more densely packed dots to create a more solid look. We help you by designing the best icons for you to stand out. 

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Incomplete Icon Style

Incomplete icon style

This style creates a sense of simplicity, ambiguity, and movement to encourage the viewer to imagine the missing parts. Designers stack can do any creativity for you to attract and engage customers.

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Photorealistic Icons

Photorealistic icon style

These icons are used to create a sense of realism and familiarity, for which you need some experts. We are here to assist you in making the best icons for your apps, websites, or anywhere you want.

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Doodle Icon Style

3D icon style

3D icons can range from simple objects with basic shading to highly detailed and realistic representations to create a more dynamic and visually appealing look. 

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Mini Icon Style

Mini icon style

It is used in combination with other design elements to create a cohesive and recognizable visual style for your company. We can convey information clearly with our mini icon design

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Cotton Icon

Cotton icon style

These icons have soft colors, edges, curves, and shadows (if added). These are cute, playful, and fun icons. We can make the best and cutest cotton icons for your industry.

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Curious About Icon Design? Check Out Our FAQs!

Discover essential information about our icon design service through these frequently asked questions. Get the insights you need to make informed decisions.

How much does Icon design service cost?

The cost of icon design services depends on different factors, like the icon’s functionality, design, and context. We provide you with different plans and packages from which you can take advantage according to your budget and project needs.

How quickly will the order be finished?

As soon as you place the order, our professional icon designers will start working on your project. The time will depend on the icon’s functionality and research based on the icon which has to be designed. If you are looking to hire an icon designer, Designers Stack is the best icon design agency, without any doubt.

How do I hire an Icon designer?

Different icon design companies provide icon design services, but here are some important attributes you should look for while hiring an icon designer:

  • Creativity

The designer should have the ability to create unique and visually exciting icons that stand out and effectively communicate your message.

  • Detail-oriented

The icon designer must be able to accurately and consistently develop icons in terms of style, color, and proportion.

  • Technical abilities

The designer should have good technical abilities and be familiar with design applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch.

  • Communication

The designer must be able to properly explain their ideas as well as accept feedback and instruction.

DesignersStack, the best graphic design agency, has all these attributes to make the best icon for you to stand you out from the world.


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